Kaci Hickox vs. Authoritarian Conservatives

So, I’m thinking one of the reasons it seems so many conservatives had an issue with Kaci Hickox, the nurse who defied overbearing Ebola quarantine orders (and won by court order by the way), is that she defied authority. And for conservatives, the only thing worse than defying authority is defying the authority of a white conservative in a leadership position, in this case New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Maine Governor Paul LePage. I mean, LePage spelled it out when he said he would use the “full extent of his authority.” When people defy that kind of white conservative gravitas, it really ruffles the feathers of conservatives. Combine that with the use of fear in conservative politics, the fear of a disease that never posed a threat to the average American, and you begin to understand why conservatives have an issue with Kaci Hickox.


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