2014 Midterm Elections: Republicans Control The Senate

It’s official folks, the Republicans now control both chambers of congress. Republicans now have control of at least 51 seats in the United States Senate as of 11:36pm on election day.

In an election that had no stand out message, and no obvious stand out issues, Republicans took control of the Senate based on three criteria. (1) Liberals and Democrats are notorious for sitting on their asses for midterm elections. (2) A summer and fall full of fear-based news stories which gave conservatives all the ammunition they needed to head to the polls. (3) A president who is suffering from electorate fatigue.

Anyone on the Left who tries to spin today’s result as a positive for the 2016 presidential election is a fool. Just about the only positive result today is that we have more Daily Show fodder for Jon Stewart. “Uh, yep.” Yeah, Mr. Turtle Man himself Mitch McConnell won as well.


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