The Country Is Going Down The Tubes?

Knock it off with the “good ol’ days” nonsense. Ever had a conversion with someone and they lament how people have less respect for authority nowadays? I’m so tired of that kind of thinking. Things change. We change. People change. A society that does not represent the society you grew up in is not automatically inferior. Maybe that authority figure didn’t deserve respect in the first place. If you think society is in free fall and that things were better when you were younger, well, I have news: you are part of the problem. Your recurring assumption that fellow human begins are beneath you certainly doesn’t contribute to the kind of society you lament the loss of. Maybe stop complaining and stop assuming the worst in others, and you might realize things are not as uncivilized as you think. Every generation believes it is the last of the best generations, but deep down, we must all know this is bullshit, right?


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