In War Against ISIS, Plurality Of Americans Support Ground Troops

A recent NBC News poll asked Americans, “Do you think the United States will use ground troops to fight ISIS despite President Obama’s assurances?”

72% – Yes, will use ground troops
20% – No, will not use ground troops

So clearly confidence among Americans is low when it comes to keeping American boots out of this new war. We are being promised ground troops will sit this war out, but Americans think it’s only a matter of time before we get dragged into an all-out ground war against ISIS.

Americans were also asked, “If military commanders determine ground troops are the best way to defeat ISIS, would you be…”

45% – In favor of ground troops
37% – Opposed to ground troops
16% – No opinion

First, I want to know how 16% have no opinion. I mean seriously, we are talking about war people, maybe it’s time to engage your mind for a second or two.

Second, I wonder how much this poll might change if we reinstitute the draft. I wonder how many people in that 45% think they will be directly or indirectly affected by ground troops fighting ISIS. Will they be called upon? Will someone in their immediate family be called upon? I think the public’s disengagement and lack of burden when the United States goes to war is a big problem. In fact, I see a collection of issues that make it way too easy for this country to go to war.

So why is it so easy for the United States to go to war?

1. Public apathy. There are plenty of distractions of day-to-day life whether it be work or leisure. It’s just too easy to tune out bad news when its convenient to do so. And unfortunately when it comes to war, we had a Commander-in-Chief (George W. Bush) who knew this all to well when he told Americans to go shopping, and that we will fight the enemy over “there” so we don’t have to fight the enemy “here.” And well, unfortunately President Obama hasn’t strayed all too far from this philosophy.

2. No burden. Americans can go about their lives while their country bombs various Middle Eastern countries. Only about one percent of Americans have served in any capacity in our wars over the last decade plus. Direct involvement in any war effort has been limited to a relatively small group of Americans, and that’s a dangerous situation, making it all too easy to lead to #1 in this list, apathy.

3. No draft. Even with a draft, only a small amount of Americans would be directly involved in any war effort, but if you know you could be called upon to serve, you might have a different opinion towards war, and it’s almost certain that apathy would take a backseat to concern and active engagement. No more watching “Reality” TV to tune out the bad news.

4. A congress that reflects the American public, or worse. You think the public is disengaged and apathetic? Well, they’ve got nothing on congress. The fact that congressional leaders allow this president to lead us into another war without debate — because they are more concerned about the mid-term elections — is pitiful, and it is a dereliction of duty. They don’t want to go on the record having voted for or against military action against ISIS because it allows them to be critical if the war effort goes bad, or offer praise if it goes well. In other words, they are cowards. But what does it say about us that most of these cowards will be voted back into office this November 4th?


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