Rachel Maddow Provides Perspective On White House Fence-Jumper

It turns out the guy that jumped the White House fence last week and made it into the building, had a small armory in his car. Of course, this doesn’t change my opinion, that this incident does not call for extra layers of security around the White House. After all, he didn’t drive his car onto the White House lawn, so he was only armed with a pocket knife when he jumped the fence. Leave it to Rachel Maddow to provide perspective on the White House fence-jumper, telling us about the time a freak’n Army helicopter was stolen and landed (unauthorized) on the White House lawn in the 1970s! Yeah, because crazy things like that ONLY happen now, so we must turn the White House into a fortress. Yes, this time a person got into the building, but it was a security lapse on the part of the Secret Service, not a wake-up call for more checkpoints and perimeter security. I say fix the problem through adjustments in protocol and training, not extra layers of security.


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