A Holiday Hiring Surge, No Thanks To Congressional Republicans

After eight grueling days of work on Capitol Hill, preceded by a five week summer recess, and all while “earning” six figure salaries, congress dismissed itself yet again. We won’t see them back in Washington D.C. until after the November mid-term elections. But while congress takes the next five or six weeks off, we can at least expect average Americans will be working hard heading into this holiday season. And yes, it’s not far away. And it appears the economy is doing quite well, no thanks to congress, especially congressional Republicans. UPS is expected to hire 95,000 seasonal workers. FedEx will hire 50,000. If you remember, both UPS and FedEx experienced delivery problems last Christmas. I assume they don’t want a repeat performance this year. As for brick and mortar stores, who would prefer you did not use the services of UPS and FedEx, Kohl’s is expected to hire 67,000, and Walmart is expected to hire 60,000. Notwithstanding that these are temporary, generally low-paying jobs, the fact remains that these companies expect a booming holiday season, which means the economy is gaining momentum. And all of this is much to the dismay of Republicans and others who wish Obama to fail at the expense of America.


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