ISIS Is Not Islamic Mr. President?

ISIS (ISIL / IS) is not Islamic? I hate to break it to you, and well, I also hate to break it to President Obama, but the “I” stands for “Islamic.” Religions are belief systems. Religions are ideologies. Religions are what people choose to believe. So it’s rather ridiculous to try to separate a specific religion from a specific terrorist group. What’s the point? Religions are not based on the physical world, observation, or evidence, so that means they are subject to the eye of the beholder. So nobody can definitively say ISIS is not Islamic, because it’s not up for debate. If someone says they are Christian, or someone says they are Islamic, that is up for them to decide, because there really are no rules here. I mean, if Christians are allowed to take or leave the parts of the Bible they see fit, but still call themselves Christians, then how do Christians (like President Obama) decide who is or is not Islamic? Stop sugar-coating it. The ideology of the terrorist group known as ISIS / ISIL / IS is constructed around the Koran, period. There’s no debate here. That doesn’t mean everyone who believes the Koran to be the word of Allah is a terrorist of course. And the fact that I even need to acknowledge that brings me to my simple wish … a wish that adults could have an adult conversation. Maybe I’m expecting too much from people 18 and over, people who never really grew up, but are now considered adults through some legal loophole or something.


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