Yes Conservatives, The Police Can Be Wrong, Even If It Crushes Your World

Sorry conservatives, but the police are human beings, just like the people they protect and serve. And that means they are fallible just like other members of the community. Yes, the police can harm instead of serve. Yes, the police can commit crimes. And yes, sometimes the police can just be pricks, provoking a community that is grieving the death of an unarmed 18-year-old.

That doesn’t mean we prosecute officer Darren Wilson in the media. But with that said, there are many eyewitness accounts that bring into question his actions that day. But we must remind ourselves that in America you are innocent until proven guilty by a jury. But we must also remind ourselves that when a police officer commits a crime while on duty, it is a taller task to get a conviction. So it’s entirely understandable if Ferguson, Missouri, a mostly black community, is not holding its collection breath waiting for justice to be served.

As Fox News personalities find yet another reason to complain about the so-called liberal media, arguing that media outlets have already convicted officer Wilson, these conservative pundits have gone way too far in the other direction. They not only dismiss any possibility that Wilson used excessive force, but they also have verbally smeared the victim, Michael Brown, and the community of Ferguson, Missouri.

And I think at least one reason conservatives always side with the police, unequivocally, is that it would crush their world if they one day woke up to the realization that some police officers really are committing the atrocities that have victimized the black community for decades, centuries.

In white America, the police are your friendly neighborhood peacekeepers, and the only time they are feared is when you see them in your rearview mirror. And even then the fear is misplaced, because what’s the worse that can happen to white bread America? “Okay, I guess I deserve that ticket officer.” For black communities, the worse that can happen is you end up lying in the street in a pool of your own blood. And after your death, conservative media will refer to you as a thug, and even the so-called liberal media will refer to you as “no angel” as the New York Times did.

Oh, but remember, America is now post-racial.


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