Libertarianism: The Not Ready For Prime Time Political Ideological

I’m sorry if this pisses people off, but the ideology of libertarianism, one that emphasizes the singular over the whole, to the detriment of the whole, is the political ideology of those who are not ready for political prime time. And I say this as someone who once had greater libertarian tendencies, so I feel I’m as qualified as anyone else to render this verdict.

My own political evolution has me thinking back to those tough, rugged individualism thoughts I once had as a naive young adult, but at nearly 40 now, I find myself (hopefully) a bit wiser, and with that I believe libertarianism is an ideology of the cynical and quite frankly, the selfish. Maybe not intentionally selfish, but self-serving nonetheless. It seems to me, a lot of people drift into libertarianism because they started paying attention to politics, but they had long since given up on humanity. They are highly derisive, even contemptuous, without taking the time to understand the plight of others before rendering their judgment. In other words, empathy tends not to be a strong requirement for entry within the ranks of libertarianism.

I’ve said this before, and it will forever remain true — On a planet of 7 billion people, a “go it alone” philosophy in the public square is simply untenable.