Obama Vacations While Conservatives Have Selective Amnesia

Are we really doing this again? It seems when President Obama takes a vacation longer than a couple of days, world events (whatever they might be at the time) lead conservatives to speculate whether he really cares. The guy campaigned to be president and was elected president, so it’s a safe bet he gives a shit.

Never mind that there are always pressing world events, conservatives will always find a reason to criticize President Obama for taking too much vacation time and playing too many rounds of golf. And pay no attention to the conservatives who say this and then go on to play a round of golf themselves. Oh, that’s right, Obama is the president, and we all know presidents are not allowed to vacation. Or at least that is what you might believe when you suffer from selective amnesia as conservatives do.

Obama taking less vacation, but too much for some

Since becoming president, Obama has taken 20 vacations lasting two to 15 days. As of Friday, he has spent all or part of 138 days on “vacation.”

By the same point in his second term, President George W. Bush spent 381 partial or complete days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and another 26 at the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, according to CBS News reporter Mark Knoller’s widely respected record keeping on the presidency. Other recent American leaders also spent more time away.

President Obama has taken less vacation days than any recent president. And if playing a round of golf after making a terse statement about ISIS is a crime, then George W. Bush must still be serving his sentence after telling reporters to “watch this drive” after making a similar terse statement during his presidency.


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