Liberals Are Lame

Yes, you heard me, liberals are lame. The problem with many fellow liberals is that they are not motivated enough to pay attention to what’s going on, and more importantly, vote. And you know what, I’ll even include myself in this critique, because I can be lame too. Sometimes you just have to disengage. But that’s still no excuse for not voting. And now we are hearing talk of the possibility of Republicans taking control of the Senate and that is all the evidence I need to posit once again that liberals are lame. If we actually went to the polls in mid-term elections, maybe we might get election outcomes that better represent the will of the people. Instead, liberals don’t show up, allowing a low voter turnout comprised of circus clowns, civil war reenactors, and loony bin escape artists, to set the agenda for years to come. And then when we do engage, because we’ve allowed this to happen, we feel the need to punch the lamp off our desk in frustration, which then causes us to disengage once again, and then sit out the next election. Somehow conservatives don’t seem to suffer from this affliction. They dutifully turn out to vote in each election. We could match them, and then raise them, but we don’t, because liberals are lame.


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