The Negative Responses To Robin Williams’ Death

If you have something negative to say about the death of Robin Williams, if you feel the need to turn it into a political battle, if you have an overwhelming urge to call him a coward, well, my friend, you are the definition of an asshole.

So, to Fox News’ Shepard Smith: Fuck You.

To Rush Limbaugh: Fuck You. Oh, and fuck you again Rush Limbaugh because you pretty much represent everything ugly that a human being can represent.

To anyone else who is critical of someone who had wealth and fame, somehow implying that they are not susceptible to depression, and you feel the need to add bullshit commentary on the selfishness of suicide, or anything else lacking in compassion in this area, I also bid a fuck you too. I match your negativity, and I raise you, only I’m sending it right back to you,wrapped in fancy paper with a pretty bow on top.


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