A Perplexing Armed Rebellion, A Not So Perplexing Racial Bias

There are some who say we should have no restrictions on guns because there might come a day when the people must rise up and lead an armed rebellion against a tyrannical government.

And some of these same gun rights absolutists also explicitly side with the police version of a story – every time – where an un-armed citizen is shot and killed. Example: The recent police shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.

The provocative and disturbing dynamic in play here is that the loudest voices calling for absolutist gun rights are almost always white, while nearly all of those police shooting victims, you know, the un-armed teenager, are black.

So I’m not sure how the gun extremists untangle the web they’ve weaved on unfettered access to guns for an eventual uprising along with blind allegiance to police forces, but the connective tissue that binds it all together is racial bias.


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