Mexico Border, And The Tidy Republican Brain

For weeks, months, years, Republicans have been running around with their hair on fire, screaming that we need to do something about the border between Mexico and the United States. They say President Obama hasn’t done enough to secure the border. They say President Obama has actually willingly allowed more people to cross the border with his policies. They say the president needs to lead, and he needs to lead now.

Okay, so President Obama requests $3.7 billion in emergency border funds, and then Republicans go, “Whoa buddy! Hold on there. That’s a lot of greenbacks. Did we say there was a big problem at the border? Well, it’s a problem, but I’m not sure it’s THAT big. And anyway, the problem won’t be fixed with money, because the problem is you Mr. President.”

So isn’t that convenient? All these years right-wing nationalist assholes have been going nuts over the border, long before Barack Obama became president. Hell, they wanted to build a 50 foot fence with barbed wire, set it on fire, and surround the whole thing with a moat, and fill it with racist alligators. Okay, that might have been a bit of an ad lib there on my part, but these Republicans have been requesting some pretty crazy shit at the border, shit that would cost a lot of money. But suddenly they get a sense of fiscal responsibility when it comes time to act, and all because the request for action (and money) is coming from the White House and President Obama. See, in their eyes, the problem is only a creation of Obama, and once he’s no longer president, the problem will magically cease. They will think something different once there is a new president, but for now that thought process works.

It’s nice and tidy the way the Republican brain works, isn’t it?

Flickr jonathan mcIntosh double wall near tijuana

/ photo by Jonathan McIntosh


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