The Obama Impeachment Occam’s Razor Test

Let’s do the Occam’s razor test: Does Obama deserve impeachment or are the people calling for impeachment partisan hacks? Which one requires the fewest assumptions?

And since this impeachment rhetoric can now be put on auto-repeat every time there is a Democratic president (because how convenient for Republicans and conservatives that all Democrats are corrupt), I know where my money is.

Oh, and so-called “adults” continue to disappoint me every day of the week when I think about how much more we could accomplish as a country, a world, a species, if only we were capable of moving beyond the bullshit. But that would require people to move away from their fundamentalism, whether it be political, or religious. Yeah, good luck with that.

Don’t like an idea? Great. Have a better idea? Awesome. Have it in for someone or even hate someone because they aren’t playing for your team (be damned how much carnage you leave in your wake)? Grow the fuck up.

And you know why there’s never any prominent impeachment talk when a Republican is in the White House (with the obvious exception of the one Republican president who really did commit impeachable offenses…Nixon)? — No, it’s not because Republicans are shining examples of effective government leadership, it’s because unlike many conservatives, liberals aren’t apeshit. Liberals would rather solve problems, make things better, improve life on this planet, not attack people over petty partisan bullshit. As a liberal, I’d really rather not be talking about conservative madness at all, but somebody has to call them out on the partisan fuckery that makes life on this planet harder than it has to be.

Sarah palin


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