American Immigration Politics: The Haters vs. The Compassionate

In 2014 America, the “haters” rule our media coverage. We see them protesting undocumented children, screaming vitriolic language, and holding offensive signs. Why do they have such hate for these children? And make no mistake, they do indeed hate them, because people don’t act the way these so-called “adults” are acting without having a deep-seated resentment. Obviously they feel threatened, and they are acting out of fear, resulting in their open display of hostility towards people seeking a better life.

Yes, they crossed the border illegally, but regardless of how some want to classify that crime, it is a minor crime. And when taken in context, it is a crime that is totally understandable.

  • They are not crossing the border to piss off conservatives.
  • They are not crossing the border to become citizens who will eventually vote for Democrats.
  • They are not crossing the border so that they can start committing crimes in the United States.
  • They are not crossing the border to spread disease. — This talking point is really offensive by the way. Of course, pretty much all right-wing talking points on this issue are offensive.

They are crossing the border to find a better life, and that demands our compassion. Sure, we are a nation of laws, and in fact, a lot of the people crossing the border illegally will ultimately be sent back home, but it may also be true that some are granted asylum. It’s going to be done on a case-by-case basis, because that is the compassionate America that exists beyond the media coverage. What is not constructive in the process is the hate-filled protests by mostly white “pro-America” assholes. These people might wave their flags and they might truly believe they are great patriots, but their hate-filled displays say otherwise.

Robert Reich posted the following to Facebook earlier today:

The real dividing line in America today isn’t between conservatives and liberals or between Democrats and Republicans. It’s between the haters and the big-hearted. The haters direct their venom not just at child refugees seeking asylum from the drug war we created, but also at gays who want to marry, African-Americans who want to vote and exercise their other rights of citizenship, women who seek abortions, or even women in general, Latinos who want their children to be taught in Spanish, immigrants in general, Muslims, Jews, government “bureaucrats,” the poor and needy, anyone who dares suggest a required background check before buying guns, people they call “liberals” or “socialists” or “communists,” even the President of the United States. The haters are enflamed by hate-mongers in the media who blame the nation’s troubles on “them.” The haters are loud and angry; they yell and wave their signs before the cameras. But the haters are not America. They are a small and vocal minority. Most Americans are generous and welcoming, decent and kind-hearted. We are the silent majority, who have been silent too long.

In 2014 America, we have the conservatives who choose to live on a steady diet of hate vs. the rest of America, the majority, who know that the greatness of this country will be measured in human compassion, not flag-waving, hate-filled sermons.

Immigration protest

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