Bias and Discrimination: You Do Know You Are The Problem, Right?

Okay, so this post is going to be in the running for Most Obvious Observation Of The Year Award. Although, the fact that this even needs to be said means it’s not so obvious to the people who are afflicted by ideological fueled hate.

It goes something like this…

When you judge someone, the problem lies ENTIRELY with you, not the person you are judging. So when you are in that supermarket checkout line, and you see the tabloid headlines about so-called celebrities, that somehow make you feel better about your life, know this: You are the problem, not the person in the headline.

When you are a white person walking down the sidewalk and you cross the street because you see a group of black guys ahead of you, know this: You are the problem, not the group of black guys.

When you are a conservative and you condemn gay marriage, know this: You are the problem, not the gays and lesbians who want the same rights as you.

Basically, if you are a person who spends a good amount of your life judging others, critiquing others, and believing that somehow you or your belief system is superior, know this: You are the problem.

See, people don’t need to conform to your worldview. People don’t need to NOT be black because of your unjustified fear of black people. People don’t need to NOT gay marry because of your prejudices under the guise of religious belief. Most of the problems in the world are a function of people believing that their beliefs trump the beliefs of others. So how about this for a change: Deal with your own shit, because it smells just as bad as everyone else’s.

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/ photo by Eric via Flickr