Blinded By The Right: Self-Delusion Fueled Obama-Rage

We generally find it narcissistic, self-righteous, and even a bit creepy when a human being believes he or she is superior to another human being. But when someone believes this very same thing about their country, with the implication being that all other countries (and hence the people who live in them) are inferior, it is considered perfectly normal. And if you are an American, you damn well better believe you live in the best country on the face of the Earth.

  • But why do you need to believe such a thing?
  • Why can’t human beings just live in harmony and parity?
  • Why does there have to be a “best” country?

But no, these are questions the Right does not want you to ask, and if you continue to ask them, they will be left with no other choice but to assume you are un-American and you are trying to undermine America’s power.

  • No, President Obama has not been, and is not a Manchurian Candidate.
  • No, President Obama is not part of some secret global cartel ruthlessly attempting to undermine American power.
  • No, President Obama is not part of some secret domestic clique trying to subvert rule of law and American dominance.
  • No, President Obama is not arming the same people responsible for 9/11, and if you believe such a thing, then welcome to conspiracy fantasy land.

None of these things are true, no matter how much you believe them.

The American Right despises President Obama, and they are so blinded by their hatred, they cannot see that this hate is fueled entirely of their own lies and fabrications. Their general anxiety, and their rancor for this president, has caused them to live a delusion for the past 5 years. They cannot see reality, only the perverted world they view through a lens distortion manufactured by their ideology and overwhelming unease of the “other” gaining power. The traditional order of things, and the classic authority structure is no longer in proper alignment, and they are freaking the fuck out. And because no 9/11-type events have occurred on Obama’s watch, they have to keep reminding the rest of us about the one that did occur. But they choose to remind us by saying that Obama is arming the enemy, and Obama is sympathetic to the enemy. But their confused and deranged proclamations do not change reality, that 9/11 occurred on Bush’s watch, not Obama’s.

If your non-evidence and your dreamt-up motivations have your Obama-rage at an all-time high, then you must have been near nuclear when Bush dropped the national security ball 13 years ago. Oh, that’s right, Bush is the true leader, the one who is compassionate, and the one who really cares about the veterans. You know, those same people he sent overseas to protect our freedom, but forgot to mention it was predicated on a lie.

But wait, I have photo proof that Bush cares and Obama doesn’t…


Oy vey


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