Hey Republicans, There’s Always Benghazi To Fall Back On

When you lose the economy and Obamacare as reliable talking points, there’s always Benghazi to fall back on. Sure Republican legislators, why not continue to exploit the deaths of four Americans for political gain, because you were so good at it when you dragged us into two wars, ending in even more American deaths, not to mention the foreign death toll. Death and destruction goes hand and hand with the politics of the GOP. Just ask the people who have lost loved-ones because of the “conservative” states denying access to the Medicaid expansion.

The first 9/11 is why so many conservatives love President George W. Bush so much, because after all, he kept us safe, well, except for that one time when he didn’t. And given that colossal failure happened on his watch, Republicans need something to stick to this president. So far they’ve failed miserably.

None of this is surprising of course because Republicans think government is part of the problem. What incentive is there to run an effective government if that’s your credo? You can shrink the size of government, with the consent of the people, if you make people indifferent, even disgusted at the government they have.

Looks like Republicans are doing exactly what they need to do to get the government they want by being completely transparent in their partisanship and rewarding incompetence with re-election after re-election of ideological hacks.

Jake Tapper to GOP Congressman: Why Didn’t Republicans Care This Much About 4,500 Deaths in Iraq?

Republicans in general did not seem to have this appetite to find out what went wrong when incorrect intelligence was used to push the war in Iraq,” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy. “Do you see why some people might say, ‘Why is this more important than that war which resulted in the deaths of more than 4,500 American soldiers and countless innocent Iraqis?’

I’ll tell you why, they’ve made their political calculation, and they are sticking with it. There’s been a lot more speculation from Fox News and conservatives on Benghazi than smoking guns. Of course, every new (or old) morsel of information, whether relevant or not, is breaking news and a smoking gun for the Fox crowd.

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