A Question For Obamacare Foes

With Affordable Care Act enrollment now at 8 million, I have a question for Obamacare foes.

I know you think the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a bad idea, and you believe it can’t work, and you have said all along the law is a failure even before such a judgment was possible. And I know you still likely believe all these things and more, regardless of reality, and evidence to the contrary.

But just for a moment, consider the possibility that you could be wrong. Yeah, I know, this is a tough assignment for the self-righteous. But just for a brief moment, if it was possible that you could contemplate you are wrong about Obamacare, then I have one simple question for you: At what point would you swallow your pride and admit it?

And I ask this as someone who is less than enthusiastic about a law that is a gift to private for-profit insurance companies. We should have a single-payer system with profit removed from the equation. But I’m also pragmatic, and I’m not going to dismiss something that can work (and by any reasonable measure is working) just because I know there is a better solution. You should try pragmatism from time to time. How much simpler public policy would be if everyone did.

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