King Barack Hussein Obama, The Tyrant From Chi-Town, Orders All Dissenters Arrested (SATIRE)

Shit just got real.

With an assertive decree, King Barack Hussein Obama today issued arrest warrants for all separatists, all nonconformists, all objectors, and all who would otherwise obstruct the Tyrant from Chi-Town. With his sweeping and unprecedented executive order, “The Imperialist” will also round up many Democrats and liberals, but it is the right-wing naysayers, conservative rabble-rousers, and red state honkies who were dealt a death blow. All across the nation, the reign of lunacy has ended, as AM talk radio stations go silent, regressive reactionary blogs sit idle, and the once powerful Fox News has gone dark. The right-wing mediasphere (and that guy below) tried to warn us. We should all bear the collective responsibility and shame for not heeding that warning.

And you thought that other day would live in infamy.

King obama is a lying ass dog

photo by: Adam Fagen


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