Coca-Cola Banks On Tolerance And Inclusion With Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

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So Coca-Cola, with it’s massive profits, and it’s insane net worth, and it’s colossal and time-tested marketing department, decides it’s going to spend millions of dollars to produce and air a 60-minute ad that will be shown during the Super Bowl. And in this ad, the song “America The Beautiful” is to be sung in multiple languages to promote the idea that “America Is Beautiful” because of its diversity. And in this ad, a gay couple is featured, again, because of that “American Is Beautiful” thing, diversity, and well, people deserve to be treated with respect. And this ad will be seen by a live audience of over 100 million people, and a total audience of hundreds of millions (or more). And Coca-Cola will air this ad knowing that a segment of the population (we call them conservatives), will react with extreme xenophobia and jingoism.

What does this tell us?

A multi-billion dollar company does not make a Super Bowl ad with a social message without careful contemplation. Coca-Cola isn’t going to blow a few million dollars to create an ad that will undermine its business. Therefore, say what you will about a big corporation like Coca-Cola, but what they are telling us with this ad is that it’s more profitable to market to a tolerant, inclusive, even progressive audience. And even if this message is wrapped up in a marketing campaign for a sugary beverage, it should still offer us optimism for the future, as Coca-Cola is banking on less intolerance in that future.

P.S. And no, I’m not talking about ALL conservatives.

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