VIDEO: If The Multilingual ‘America The Beautiful’ Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Offends You…

Tough shit.


If the Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad offends you, it’s time to give up any pretense of tolerance on your part. Because the only thing offensive about this ad is the predictable right-wing reaction to it (which I knew would happen even before the commercial ended).

Don’t believe me? Check at the twitter hashtag: #boycottcoke. Now if you want to boycott Coke because you believe it’s not a product to be celebrated, and that Coke is at least in-part responsible for America’s obesity problem, that’s your prerogative. But if you are going to boycott Coke because of their multilingual ‘America the Beautiful’ ad, that’s just sad. Sure, there are worse prejudices, but probably none so trivial.


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