VIDEO: Chris Hayes Says Obama Is An Addict

On Friday’s “All In” on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes compared America’s oil dependency and Obama’s rationalizing rhetoric to that of a drug addict.

Other addicts are ready to acknowledge they are addicted, and that they are trapped in a self-destructive cycle. They know it, and it kills them that they are, they need to stop, but when you push them to actually stop, what they do is procrastinate, and rationalize. “It’s my best friend’s wedding this weekend, but as soon as I get back from that I promise you I will quit on Monday.”

Then a clip of President Obama was show from this past Tuesday’s State of the Union address where yes, he did acknowledge climate change is a problem, but also rationalized national gas fracking as “safe.”

Progressives and liberals are sometimes charged with being fixated on single issues, just as conservatives are. Some say liberals do not recognize the progress for many progressive causes if “their” specific cause is not addressed. But when it comes to global warming, this critique is lazy. Global warming affects us all, and will have even greater impact to the lives of our children and their children. This is not an issue for which someone should be labeled a “single issue voter,” because it’s just too important.

By the way, if a natural gas “fracking” commercial preceded the above video, you can direct your disdain at the oil and gas industry and their lobby, the American Petroleum Institute (and MSNBC if you like).

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