Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Officially History

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - photo by Brian BennettIt is hard to believe it was December, 19th 2010 when I wrote my post titled Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is Dead, Done, Gone. It would be another 9 months before that statement was officially true. While Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed last year it wasn’t until 12:01 AM this morning that the repeal official went into effect. This ends the lies, the fear, and the witch hunts that existed under the old law. Now gays and lesbians no longer need to hide who they are. They can serve openly without fear of discharge from the military.

Until the end there were some Republicans still fighting to stop the repeal from going into effect. Everyone that was against the repeal, particularly the loudest voices are on the permanent record. They will be judged by future generations as being on the wrong side of history. This is one more victory – in a long list over decades and centuries – for liberals and progressives and all who believe in equal rights for all.

21 year old U.S. soldier in Germany phones dad to say he’s gay


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