The REAL Problem With The Obamacare Website

I’ve figured it out. I’ve cracked the code. Do you want to know the REAL problem with the Obamacare website? It’s the name. It confuses conservatives. For decades conservatives have admonished government health care, calling it all sorts of names and characterizing the people who advocate for true universal health care as un-American.

See the problem is right there in the website address — Even though the website is nothing more than a marketplace to shop for private (for-profit) insurance, that damn name ( REALLY befuddles conservatives. They cannot escape the allure of a perfectly encapsulated narrative in a website address. It’s the smoking gun. It is RIGHT THERE — it is government healthcare I say!

If only the insurance industry could have created a joint effort to sell their insurance plans competitively on one centrally managed website, say,, we could have avoided all the distractions and turmoil.

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