Conservatives Believe All Democratic Presidents Are Illegitimate

One thing is clear if you pay attention to politics, there’s a large contingent of conservatives in this country who believe a Democratic president, any Democratic president, is automatically illegitimate. It doesn’t matter that the Democratic president was elected by a majority (or plurality) of American citizens, because that never actually happened, according to conservatives. See in conservative fantasia, they believe most Americans are conservatives too, and because they believe this, that means no Democrat, especially not one with any liberal ideas, could possibly win a presidential election on the merits.

Maybe it’s because conservatives are good at rigging the system in their favor that they assume everyone does the same, or maybe it’s just that they are paranoid and confused. But whatever the reason, conservatives believe a Democrat occupying the White House is equivalent to a foreign invader. And if that Democrat also looks different when compared to all past presidents, well sit tight, because insurrection can’t be far behind.

But if conservatives believe all Democratic presidents are illegitimate, then it must also be true that conservatives have very little regard for the constitution or the Founding Fathers. Because if they believe a democratically elected president is unauthorized or unsanctioned, that means so too is the constitution. We might as well throw the damn thing out.

If the results of democracy are illegitimate to conservatives, then the constitution is illegitimate, our form of government is illegitimate, our election system is illegitimate, and yep, you got it, the Founding Fathers? — ILLEGITIMATE

If you will not accept and honor the very foundational apparatus of the country you proclaim to love and defend, then you might as well scrap the whole fucking thing in favor of something you do respect, because the country you so desperately are seeking, is not the United States of America.

American flag flies to pieces


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