Dear Liberals, Regarding The Affordable Care Act

Dear liberals and Democrats, I have a short message regarding the Affordable Care Act followed by a tiny request. Actually, this message is specifically concerning all the problems people are having when trying to logon to the new federal health care exchange website ( And I can already sense you turning on me at this very moment, but please, stick around for just a few more moments.

You know when conservatives get all self-righteous when they tell you in no uncertain terms how everything works? They tell you how job creation works, how the market works, how the government needs to handle its finances like a family budget, and so on. And it doesn’t matter how much logic you interject or how many facts you recite, because they will have none of it. Conservatives exist in a bubble where they have an endless capacity to deny reality, reject inconvenient truths, and insert their own facts when needed.

Don’t you just hate that?

That’s what I thought.


Stop trying to defend the unmitigated disaster that is otherwise known as, because you’re not helping. Republicans and conservatives were already against the ACA long before the exchange website gave them fresh talking points. So who cares what they say. In fact, fuck ’em! They are going to talk out of their ass regardless, so don’t offer them the ability to cast you and fellow liberals as unreasonable and uncompromising.

We are liberal, but we are nothing if we are not pragmatic. So we do not need yet another distraction to heap on top of the 24/7 conservative madness. We need to move out of the way, let conservatives deploy whatever childish antics they wish, and wait for the health care exchange website to be repaired, and for millions of Americans to purchase affordable health care. Everything else will work itself out without bringing ourselves down to “their” level.

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