Tea Party Republicans Are Wearing The GOP Like An Edgar Suit

The Tea Party emerged almost simultaneously with Barack Obama pledging the oath of office in January 2009. Since that time, the Tea Party has threatened to primary many moderate Republicans, and won. And now the Tea Party is dragging the carcass of the Republican Party around town, wearing it like an Edgar suit.

Yes, the party previously known as the Grand Old Party is officially dead, replaced by a collection of know-nothings, religious fanatics, science-deniers, and civil war reenactors (from the losing side). The Republican Party as we now know it is nothing more than a host organism controlled by Tea Party parasites. They might look like Republicans, sometimes they might sound like Republicans, but these Tea Party extremists are anarchists dressed up like patriots. They believe they are the true Americans, that their beliefs are the core of this country, and they must defeat everything they deem a threat. And if they are unsuccessful in achieving their narrow idea of what America is about, they will do whatever they can to obstruct the process of governing for everyone else.

So let’s visit the Tea Party track record, with great emphasis on their over-the-top demagoguing of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

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  • It was the Tea Party that gave cover, and continues to give cover, to the so-called “Birthers,” people who claim President Obama is not really an American citizen, even though his mother was an American citizen. And of course Barack Obama must have been born in some other country like say, “Kenya,” because he doesn’t look like past presidents. And the president’s “otherness” is backed up by his insistence that all Americans should be able to afford health care insurance, because that’s socialist!
  • In 2009, during the health care reform “debate,” Tea Party Republicans spread as much false information as possible about the health care legislation as it took shape. They struck fear in those who were not paying attention to the process when they said there would be death panels and that government is going to kill your grandma.
  • After the Affordable Care Act passed in March of 2010, Tea Party Republicans set out to undermine it, utilizing all possible avenues. Many Republican controlled states sued (and lost). One judicial avenue went all the way to the Supreme Court, where they lost again.
  • So then Tea Party Republicans tried to repeal the health care law, while continually referring to it as a “bill,” as if it never passed in the first place. They did this over 40 times in the House of Representatives. But it was merely symbolic as their repeal bill was DOA in the Senate and would never be signed by President Obama.
  • Knowing they had so far achieved nothing when it comes to undoing President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, Tea Party Republicans continued their lies and falsehoods about the law. They would continue to say the law is bad for America, and some would go as far as to say it will destroy America. But none of these Tea Part Republicans could produce a shred of evidence in support of their absurd claims.
  • And now it’s October of 2013, and Tea Party Republicans have nothing to show but failed attempt after failed attempt to repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act. Instead of giving the law a chance to fail (after all, that’s what they say will happen) and once and for all prove they were correct, instead Tea Party Republicans hold the country hostage with a government shutdown and a threat to default on America’s debt obligations by not voting to raise the debt ceiling. If these Tea Party Republicans are so sure Americans will reject the Affordable Care Act, why not let it fail? What are they afraid of? If they are correct, they set themselves up for great electoral success in the years to come. Could it be they know people will come around on Obamacare and support it once they understand what it is?
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