Congressman Chastising WWII Memorial Park Ranger: Classic Case Of Republican Misdirected Outrage

Republicans say government is the problem, then they get elected into office and prove it, and then they blame others for it.

Such is the case this week when a representative from Texas (of course) chastised a World War II Memorial park ranger. Congressman Randy Neugebauer told the ranger she should be ashamed of herself…for the government shutdown he voted for (although he omitted that last part).

Congressman Confronts Park Ranger Over Closed WWII Memorial | NBC4 Washington — “How do you look at them and… deny them access?” said Neugebauer. He, with most House Republicans, had voted early Sunday morning to pass a funding measure that would delay the Affordable Care Act, a vote that set up a showdown with the Senate and President Barack Obama. With the parties unable to agree on how to fund the federal government, non-essential government functions shut down Tuesday.

“It’s difficult,” responded the Park Service employee.

“Well, it should be difficult,” replied the congressman, who was carrying a small American flag in his breast pocket.

“It is difficult,” responded the Park Service employee. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves,” the congressman said.

“I’m not ashamed,” replied the ranger.

And so that short confrontation qualifies in my book as a perfect illustration of Republican contempt, fake outrage and misdirected anger.

Last night Rachel Maddow said this was like crashing your car into someone’s living room and then complaining about how messy it is. But I think it’s actually more like crashing your car into someone’s living room and then complaining that the living room was obstructing your car’s path.

Congressional Republicans vote to keep government open on their terms, including defunding of the Affordable Care Act, and then blame Democrats and President Obama for starting some shit. Because Democrats didn’t roll over and capitulate to GOP demands, that (according to Republicans) means Democrats are responsible for the shutdown. But even if that were true (and nobody except right-wing hacks could), tell me again how a park ranger should be ashamed?

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