What Level Of Self-Delusion Is Necessary To Believe Obama Is Threatening Government Shutdown?

Just a normal conservative level of self-delusion will suffice.

DonGlock26 — Obama Threatens the American People with a Gov’t Shut Down — The House keeps submitting spending budget bills and Reid and Obama keep threatening to shut down the gov’t.

So, what do the voters do to such dangerous radicals like Obama and Reid? Well, Obama is president, so impeachment (after a mid-term election?) is the only possibility short of the military deposing him, if he keeps the gov’t shut down for too long. Reid? He can be voted out of office or simply taken out of power by voters putting the GOP in control of the Senate. So, we may have to endure a shut down federal gov’t until January 2014 unless Obama releases the American hostages.

This is the level of idiocy that exists on the Right. You thought Republicans were threatening government shutdown? Well you would be wrong according to this intellectual scholar. “DonGlock26” says President Obama and Democrats are the ones threatening to shutdown the government. How does this logic work? Let’s examine the Republican brain.

When Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans pass a bill to fund the government which also includes defunding Obamacare, Senate Democrats are just supposed to go along with that. If Senate Democrats reject the House bill because it defunds Obamacare, that means Democrats are threatening government shutdown. Never mind that Boehner could bring a clean bill to the floor and it would likely pass with all Democrats and some Republicans voting in favor. That’s too simple right? Instead a more complex hostage taking scenario by Republicans is running concurrent to a re-branding, counter narrative effort to paint Democrats and Obama as the true perpetrators of government shutdown.

So let me sum up. There are enough votes in the House to pass a clean bill to keep government open. The Senate already passed such a bill. President Obama will sign such a bill. All Boehner has to do is bring such a bill to the House floor for a vote. Go ahead, I dare you, tell me again who will be responsible for a government shutdown.

And “what do the voters do to such dangerous radicals like Obama and Reid”? Well, Reid held onto his seat in 2010. And President Obama was reelected in 2012 against Mitt Romney who ran a campaign to repeal Obamacare. So yeah, Mr. DonGlock26, you are in need of a 12-step program to deal with your compulsions. Oh, and take it down a notch or two or 20, because you are not speaking for the country.

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