Republicans Reject The Social Contract In Favor Of Selfishness (VIDEO)

Martin Bashir offers up a biting and accurate critique of the modern Republican Party. They reject the social contract in favor of selfishness. And nothing could be more selfish than being a filthy rich billionaire who for ideological purposes produces an ad telling young adults to forgo health care insurance.

Martin Bashir — We have a party that claims to be one of devout faith, yet opposes any kind of social contract when it comes to health care, and actually encourages young people to break the law, against another [party], which has been derided as secular and Godless, yet actually upholds the notion of community and civic commitment.

Republicans oppose Obamacare not because they are looking out for the rest of us, but because they are looking out for themselves. Oh sure, some of them talk about charity, they say they don’t want to be forced by government to do something that charity can take care of. But charity is not evenly applied. Our biases get in the way when it comes to charity. There’s nothing wrong with churches doing charitable work and reputable charitable organizations, but a government of the people with equal protection under the law has the ability to be the most effective means of making sure nobody is left behind.

Martin bashir on set


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