Republican Antagonism To Obamacare Is A Steaming Pile Of…

This is how you know Republicans are full of shit.

With their antagonism, and their 24/7 frenzied media blitz to defund Obamacare, Republicans are putting on quite the show. They say the Affordable Care Act will be an unmitigated disaster. They say Obamacare will be bad for America, a catastrophe of epic proportions. But if Republicans are right, why not just wait a few months? If Obamacare could be defunded now, it could be defunded later. What’s the rush? After all, with all the work being done both in the private and public sectors gearing up for full Obamacare implementation, if damage is going to be done, it’s already too late. So we might as well wait and see if the law lives up to Democratic billing, because in that scenario Republicans have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I mean, people have not even bought insurance through Obamacare yet. This starts next week, and the insurance people will buy through the health care exchanges will go into effect starting in January. If Republican prophecy turns out to be true, we will probably start seeing the signs of health care armageddon early in 2014. And certainly by this time next year people will be storming the Capitol, demanding full Obamacare repeal. And under those circumstances, it might be hard for Democrats and even President Obama to stand firm and continue to defend the law.

So why don’t Republicans just wait a while? — I’ll tell you why.

I think many Republicans already have a pretty good idea people are going to be fine with Obamacare, and they might even like it, and some might like it a lot. Republicans and conservatives know this is likely the very last chance they will ever have to successfully demagogue Obama’s signature legislative achievement for both political and monetary gain.

This is why Republican opposition to Obamacare is an immense (and don’t forget steaming) pile of shit. But you don’t have to take my word for it, just read what Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) had to say about it.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) — [I]f we want to stop this train wreck from hitting hard working American families, the time to do so is now. What the administration desperately wants is to get to January, to get the exchanges in place, to get the subsidies in place, and by the way, they eliminated any eligibility test, so they want people hooked on Obamacare so it can never be unwound. If we’re going to repeal it, we’ve got to do so now or it will remain with us forever.

Ted Cruz is admitting that people will like Obamacare once they fully understand what it is and how it benefits them. So this means Ted Cruz is either lying about the “train wreck” part or he is tapping into the incredibly offensive “makers vs. takers” narrative so casually tossed around by Republicans these days. If Ted Cruz believes Obamacare is a train wreck, then he is saying the people who will be hooked on Obamacare are takers. If you are simply looking for more affordable health care insurance, or to have insurance at all, Republicans would like to let you know you are a moocher. — How dare you try to cover you and/or your family now to avoid potential bankruptcy later. You should sit around and wait for some charity to come along and rescue you, and if that doesn’t happen, well, then you should just die, because at least then you wouldn’t be a taker.

Steaming pile

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