Anti-Science, Climate Change Denying Republicans Block Unpaid Science Laureate Position

This one pretty much flew under the radar. — A piece of legislation would have allowed President Obama to name up to three unpaid science laureate positions to travel the country speaking to children. The hope was to inspire children to pursue a career in science. But know-nothing Republicans are at it again. Because Republicans don’t believe in climate change, and in fact believe it’s nothing more than a political issue, they killed the bill because it might serve as a means for President Obama to spread climate science falsehoods. And well, I guess Republicans do know a thing or two about deception and fabrication.

Republicans block science laureate vote over climate change stance fear | World news | — The bill had been scheduled for swift approval last week. It would have allowed Barack Obama to name up to three laureates at a time to the two-year term. The posts would all be unpaid, and appointees credentials would be vetted by the National Academy of Sciences.

But after urging from the American Conservative Union, which bills itself as the country’s largest and oldest grassroots conservative organisation, Republicans in the House leadership pulled the science laureate bill off the schedule, and sent it for revision.

In a letter to members of Congress, Larry Hart, a former Republican congressional aide and the legislative director of the ACU, warned a science laureate might give Barack Obama another chance to advance the case for climate action.

“Although the bill seems innocuous, it will provide the opportunity for President Obama to make an appointment of someone (or more than one person) who will share his view that science should serve political ends, on such issues as climate change and regulation of greenhouse gases,” Hart wrote in the letter.

By the way, I hate to remind you, but our tax dollars are funding this anti-intellectual, anti-science foolishness. The only reason climate change is political is because of a few dim bulbs who make it political. These cranial deficients fear science. They fear someone inspiring children to get into science. They fear people who know more than they do about a topic. So if you believe in science, climate change, and using brain power to solve problems, these factually challenged and mentally strained Republicans must break you.

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