Contrary To Republican Hot Air, Most Americans Against Defunding Obamacare

Beware the person who one hundred percent of the time speaks with authority and great confidence. Such is the case with Republicans. While the rest of us try to do what’s right, but know we will sometimes get things wrong, Republican self-deception leads to confident proclamations to the rest of us about how something should be done, and authoritative “lessons” for all of the country to learn. And this is what you are seeing with Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Republicans “know” it’s bad for the country (even though it won’t fully kick in until January), and they “know” most of the country is with them. But the reality is, while Americans are quite cynical about government in general, and that includes Obamacare, they are not nearly as brazen as Republican lawmakers.

Most Americans against defunding Obamacare: Survey — The CNBC All-America Economic Survey of 800 people across the country conducted by Hart-McInturff, finds that, in general, Americans oppose defunding Obamacare by a plurality of 44 percent to 38 percent.

Opposition to defunding increases sharply when the issue of shutting down the government and defaulting is included. In that case, Americans oppose defunding 59 percent to 19 percent

So most Americans do not support Republican efforts to defund Obamacare, particularly when you add government shutdown or debt default into the mix. And we already know many of the individual components of Obamacare have a plurality or majority support even if the bill as a whole does not. And President Obama was reelected against an opponent who ran on Obamacare repeal. But never mind all of that, Republicans still pretend they are speaking for America. But Republicans, at least House Republicans, are only speaking for themselves and their hand-selected districts. House Republicans must do exactly what they are doing. They must vote dozens of times to repeal or defund Obamacare. They must vote to cut food assistance. Constituents in their gerrymanders districts demand they do these things or face a primary challenger who has even more contempt for Americans. So you see, while it appears these Republicans are going against public sentiment, they are actually being rational, at least electorally.

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