Prison-Industrial Complex Watch: Judge Says Corrections Corporation of America In Contempt Of Court

This is what happens when we allow prisons to become a for-profit enterprise.

Judge: CCA in contempt for prison understaffing: “A federal judge says private prison company Corrections Corporation of America is in contempt of court for persistently understaffing an Idaho prison in direct violation of a legal settlement.

U.S. District Judge David Carter made the ruling Monday in a lawsuit between inmates at the CCA-run Idaho Correctional Center and the Nashville, Tenn.-based company.

Carter wrote that CCA had ample reason to make sure it was meeting the staffing requirements at the prison, yet the level of understaffing was apparently far worse than the company originally acknowledged.”

Is there really a company called “Corrections Corporation of America”? But of course who cares, right? They are inmates. They are prisoners. They are the rejects of society, so we should not only throw away the key, we should throw away the room.

But no, I’m sorry, society doesn’t get off the hook that easy. We don’t get to walk around thinking we are moral and ethical while allowing our prisons to be taken over by corporate board rooms and shareholders looking to squeeze a profit from human suffering. This is simply wrong, and if you have even an ounce of humanity, you would agree.

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