The Biblical Prophecy Argument For American Military Action Against Syria

Yesterday I pointed out 5 misguided arguments for American military action against Syria, but there’s a 6th much less publicized argument in favor of war in Syria. And it’s the most ridiculous reason of all. There are more than a few Christians who believe American military action in Syria, more specially the ancient city of Damascus, will lead to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Bible prophecy links Damascus destruction, Second Coming, some say (Chicago Sun-Times) — In light of Syria’s escalating civil war – including allegations that the government unleashed a chemical attack on civilians and the United States contemplating an air strike in return – several Christian blogs have linked the events there to the end of the world. In one, the author recommends to “keep watching the Middle East as we head towards the end of the age.”

“We don’t know the timing of those verses and passages, but Isaiah 17, it could be tomorrow, it could be in 10 years, in 100 years,” said Jan Markell, founder and program host at Olive Tree Ministries. “To say what’s happening now [in Syria] is going to lead to that would be pretty reckless but I think it’s safe to say what’s happening could lead to that.” —

Markell also believes the destruction of Damascus in the Bible is linked to Jesus’ Second Coming: “Yes, it [Damascus] is all [connected to] an end of time scenario.”

I can’t tell you that I know of any members of congress who hold this view, but considering how many right-wing Christian radicals currently walk the halls on Capitol Hill, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were at least a few sympathetic to the idea.

I thought the “credibility” argument, the idea that America must act because we care what dictators think of us, was the stupidest reason to go to war. But the “prophecy” argument definitely gets top billing when sorting by lunacy.


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