Do We Stamp A ‘Moral High Ground’ Guarantee On Each Cruise Missile We Launch At Syria?

So it looks like we are getting ourselves involved in yet another war. And I don’t really care what the Obama administration wants to call it. When you launch cruise missiles into another country, that’s an act of war. You can attempt justify it, you can make your case, and even if you were correct, it changes nothing. War is war. Or let’s put it another way so that everyone can understand. If another country took an aggressive action against the United States, and we called that aggression an act of war (which we would), than it is still an act of war when we do it to them.

Oh yeah, I can hear it already. Something about morals… Ah yes, the moral high ground. You know what? I got your moral high ground right here. Just wait a moment while I pull it from my ass. Or was that your ass? Do we stamp a “moral high ground” guarantee on each cruise missile before we send them to faraway lands?

Is the rest of the world supposed to applaud the United States in another show of saber-rattling followed by violent aggression? Do the families of Syrians killed by American cruise missiles thank us right after burying their dead relatives, or is there a customary waiting period? Do our geopolitical foes cower, change course, and congratulate the U.S. in a fine show of aggression that has changed their hearts and their minds?

So before the Senate and the House vote on resolutions authorizing war, I suggest an amendment. This amendment will state that for every 1 dollar we spend on death and destruction in Syria, we spend 10 dollars (each) for education, infrastructure, health care, and mini cruise missile replicas for the kids. But wait, there’s more! — This amendment will also stipulate that we cut the defense budget by an equal 10 to 1 ratio. Let the gutless practitioners of war, human suffering, and exploitation, otherwise known as the U.S. Congress, vote on their war resolution with this new amendment attached. Because for as much as the military-industrial complex needs a reason to exist, the only thing that matters more to our “representatives” is making sure we do NOT spend money for things that matter. Things like a modern infrastructure for a strong future economy, universal health care for all Americans, and making sure people in economic distress are not left behind. – Yeah, that’s a showstopper for them, particularly for Republicans. So I propose this amendment, because it is the most certain way I can come up with for congress NOT to authorize war with Syria.


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