08-15-2013 Left Call Radio 06 – Eric Cantor Says Deficit Growing, PolitiFact Is Fired, Republicans Obsessed With Obamacare Repeal

#06: House GOP Majority Leader Eric Canter Says Deficit Growing, PolitiFact rates it “half true” | Republicans Are Obsessed With Obamacare Repeal, Because They Have To, And It’s Good For Fundraising

Segment 1 — Earlier this month, Eric Cantor went on Fox News and said the deficit is growing. But as we know (at least those who pay attention and don’t believe lies), the deficit is actually shrinking, and quite dramatically in 2013. So why does PolitiFact continue to insist on redefining the word “fact” by rating Cantor’s statement ‘half true’?

Segment 2 — Republicans appear to have an irrational obsession with Obamacare repeal. But if you examine their actions, and the consequences, you realize it’s a bit more complex than that. Republicans must repeal Obamacare. No, not because I agree with them. What I’m saying is that they must repeal it for their own survival. Their open and longstanding disdain for Obama’s signature legislative achievement, means they cannot take a chance that Obamacare could actually work. They need it repealed, and now! Because if Obamacare exchanges start to kick in next year, and tens of millions of Americans are able to get more affordable health care, Republicans have a political and electoral mess on their hands.

But this isn’t the only reason they are actively trying to repeal Obamacare. It also happens to be a great fundraising tool that they are going to utilize at least until the 2014 midterm elections.

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