Obamacare Repeal: At Least Republicans Dropped The Pretense

As President Obama said today, Republicans no longer rely on a pretense to replace Obamacare with something else. Republicans are simply opposed to the Affordable Care Act, nothing more. There is no Republican alternative. The Republican Party might be fracturing in other areas, but repeal of Obamacare is indeed their unifying issue.

When we call out Republicans for this obvious omission, they will respond by offering their committment to affordable health care for all Americans, but that’s where the conversation ends. There’s no follow through. There’s no specifics. There’s no details. — There’s no plan.

How do I know Republicans do not have a universal health care plan? It’s simple.

If Republicans had an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, it would be front and center. They would talk about it as much or more than they talk about repealing Obamacare. Because if this apparition we call the Republican plan for universal health care really existed, and if it really was what’s best for Americans, then why wouldn’t Republicans want you to hear about it? If the mirage otherwise known as the Republican health care plan was a viable alternative to Obamacare, making health care available and affordable for all Americans, Republicans would need not sell repeal of Obamacare to the people, the people would instead demand Republicans pass their health care plan.

But why is this not happening?

Because Republicans have no health care plan. And that means their attempts to defund or repeal Obamacare are especially callous because they know it means millions of Americans will lose access to affordable health care as a result.

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