07-31-2013 Left Call Radio 05 – Economy, GOP Obstruction, Conservatives Love Conditional Freedom, Ben Stein Says Racism Over

#05: Economy & GOP obstruction | Conservatives love conditional freedom | Racism is over according to Ben Stein

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Segment 1 — Obama’s “new deal” for the middle class is cutting the corporate tax rate? And why can’t Republican’s accept “yes” for an answer? It turns out Tea Party Republicans are a liberals’ best friends because their obstruction means we don’t get cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Segment 2 — Have you noticed the things conservatives are “for” come with conditions?

Pro-life, but only for the unborn.
Support the troops, as long as they aren’t gay or lesbian.
For freedom and liberty unless it includes same-sex marriage or women having equal rights.
For small government, unless larger government helps any or all the above.

Segment 3 – Ben Stein declares racism over in America.

Feeling the Heat

You gotta read it to believe it:

Ben Stein — The number of black kids killed by white people is minute — although any is too many. The number of black kids killed by the Crips and the Bloods and the Black P-Stone Rangers is enormous. Why no rallies led by “black leaders” against the Crips and the Bloods? The number of black kids whose lives have been ruined by irresponsible parents is immense. Why no rallies against crack-smoking moms and dads?

The answer is sadly easy to see: white people have pretty much given up racism as a factor in their lives. They have to worry about jobs and education and families. Thus, there are none, not any major white leaders of any kind whose stock in trade is whipping up race hatred. That movement simply does not exist.

But among “black leaders,” who really can no longer make credible claims about racism now that we have a black President, who really have no answers to the crisis in the black community, a chance to distract people from their own powerlessness is a golden opportunity.


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