Post-Racial Pendulum Swing: The Fleecing Of Power From White America, According To White America

Tell me if you’ve heard about or read about something like this recently. — You see an article, or a Facebook post decrying President Obama, Al Sharpton, and anybody else considered by some to be the “other” for making comments in support of Trayvon Martin’s family or his memory. Or worse yet, these prominent figures of darker complexion, hence questionable motives, dare interject race into the conversation.

And usually when you see something like this, you will also see comments like “we should have equal justice for all.” But they aren’t talking about discrimination against minority groups like blacks. Oh no, they are white people complaining that white people just can’t seem to get a fair shake in modern America. They aren’t positing a narrative that America is now post-racial, they are actually suggesting the pendulum is in full swing and now the black man stands tall with his foot firmly on the neck of the white man.

Delusion much?

And the talk is incredibly condescending, saying black people ought to be in the streets when any single white person is not getting justice. Only then are they allowed to complain about the injustice brought upon Trayvon Martin and his family. And even then, they are being incredibly kind to allow this complaining when they don’t believe for a minute there was an injustice. After all, many say Trayvon had it coming with that hoodie and that general thuggish appearance we otherwise might refer to as being a teenager — oh, and black.

Yes, it’s ridiculous we are talking about just this one murder case. But that doesn’t make it any less tragic. Just because we aren’t talking about other murder cases (like a white woman murdered by a black man) is not a reason to say people are not allowed to have an opinion on the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. If Obama or Sharpton should be ashamed of themselves for not paying attention to that white woman’s murder, then we should ALL be ashamed of ourselves for not paying attention to the 10,000 gun murders in this country each year.

Face it, if you identify with this kind of thinking, citing a black on white murder as evidence we shouldn’t be talking about Trayvon Martin, you are simply looking for a way to absolve your own prejudices.

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