Billionaire Charles Koch Says People Making $34,000 Are In The One Percent Too

Koch kills - photo by Sue PeacockApparently the top one percent is one big happy family since it includes millions of Americans according to billionaire Charles Koch.

Until people in this country wake the fuck up and recognize that the ideas of billionaires like Charles Koch are not good for the average American, the middle class will continue to decline, with greater numbers of people suffering and in poverty.

But go ahead and look up to these greedy jackasses who are looking to consolidate more wealth and power. Go ahead and keep believing you will someday be filthy rich as well. I’m sure they will be rooting for you. I’m sure they wouldn’t just as soon step on you as look at you.

And remember, if you are making over $34,000 a year you are “one of the wealthiest one percent in the world” according to a new initiative by Charles Koch to abolish the minimum wage.

It takes some incredible chutzpah for a billionaire to tell someone making $34,000 that they too are part of the one percent. What a fucking asshole. But this is what you should expect of people like Charles Koch. By the standards of a super-capitalist nation, Charles Koch is a role model, very successful at what he does. And because of this self-validation of success and wisdom, he is the best equipped to tell hundreds of millions of Americans how they too can be successful. First it starts with understanding that while Charles Koch should not be punished for his success by paying higher taxes — you, however, should be grateful that you make a solidly lower middle-class income. Millions — hell — billions of people around the world should be so lucky!

This kind of logic is perfectly fine for the person making $34,000. You can be happy that you make an honest living and can put food on the table. And you can be grateful that you have what you have compared to so many impoverished people around the world. Yes, this is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable stance for a person making $34,000 a year. What is NOT acceptable is for a billionaire to tell a middle class income earner that they should be happy they too are part of the wealthiest one percent in the world.

If Mr. Koch is trying to say that making $34,000 a year is all a person needs when you consider the billions of people making less around the globe, then what case is Mr. Koch making for himself and his billions when it comes to taxes?

Hey Charles Koch, I’ve got two words for you:

Bite Me

1. (v) A slightly more polite way to say “Fuck off you prick”. – Urban Dictionary

photo by Sue Peacock

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