Retweet Mash-up: Photo rights, Zakaria on jobs, Schweddy Balls

Tasty morsels discovered or shared on the twitterverse…

Know Your Rights: Photographers – ACLU
The ACLU has released a great guide for photographers rights. It’s a summary of your legal rights when in public spaces or on private property and also contains some tips if you get questioned.

Zakaria: Obama’s jobs proposals not enough – CNN
Thursday night Obama delivered his much-anticipated jobs speech where he revealed The American Jobs Act. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria responds with his critique of the speech and what he thinks is needed to get the economy going.

Ben & Jerry’s releases new Schweddy Balls flavor
OK, for those of you not in on the joke, watch the classic SNL skit below. I first received word of this new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor from Mr. Schweddy himself  –  Alec Baldwin – via twitter. It definitely made for a good laugh and “Schweddy Balls” trended on twitter for at least a few hours yesterday.




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