N.C. Republicans Impose Religious Views, Add Abortion Amendment To Bill Banning Sharia Law

This is what happens when low information voters elect low information legislators.

North Carolina Republicans are apparently without a sense of irony, because the bill they introduced in the state Senate, a bill intended to ban religious law, actually cements religious dictate according to evangelical Christians. That’s because in a sneak attack on women’s rights, North Carolina Senate Republicans introduced a restrictive abortion amendment to a bill intended to ban Sharia Law.

The idea of passing a law banning Sharia Law is an example of lunacy. The very people who say they are the true Americans and protectors of the constitution, apparently have very little regard for this nation and that constitution, if they think Sharia Law is a real possibility.

And if Republicans didn’t already look silly, adding a restrictive abortion amendment based on their religious beliefs also makes them hypocrites. They aren’t against religious law, as long as it’s their religious law. The abortion amendment would “prevent state health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act from offering policies that cover abortion, restrict doctors’ ability to administer abortion-inducing medication, and impose new regulations on abortion clinics that opponents say would shut down all but one clinic in the state.” Or in other words, effectively ban abortion.

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