Conservatives Need To Explain Their Contempt For Americans

If there are conservatives in your family, this may sound all-too-familiar.

Conservatives need to explain their contempt for Americans. They need to explain why assumptions and opinions about the behavior of fellow Americans is all that is required for condemnation. They need to explain why they believe massive abuse exists in programs like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka “food stamps”). They need to explain why they believe so many people choose to live in poverty if all it takes to remedy that situation is to find a good paying job (when there aren’t any). They need to explain why they vote for other conservatives who also share these “opinions,” bestowing upon them the power to legislate on assumption and not fact.

Conservatives spend a lot of time worrying about what others are doing with their tax dollars, and very little time reflecting on whether these concerns are warranted. So conservatives, I have to ask, is this a desirable state? Are you only satisfied when you are railing against the “other” in society? Would your life crumble into cesspool of disillusionment if you found out these “others” aren’t such bad people after all? Or would it just be your ideology that takes the fall?

These opinions and assumptions conservatives hold so dear, drive them to pass draconian laws, imparting serious negative consequences for many Americans. And constantly battling conservatives and their contempt for — the poor, the weak, the different, the other — means progress is a slow march, sometimes halting, sometimes going in reverse. And it also means we create more work than necessary, navigating the nonsense and beating back the absurdity on our way to “form a more perfect Union.”


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