I Deny The Forensic Science Of Airplane Disasters

Hell, people can deny climate science based on opinion alone, right? So why can’t I deny the forensic science of airplane crashes? I think it’s worthless. We learn nothing. Airplanes are already safe enough. Why would we spend money trying to fix something that isn’t broken?

That sounds really stupid, right? Well, if you’re a climate change denier, that’s how stupid you sound to the rest of us.

There are experts who study what goes wrong in tragic airplane accidents. They dissect and study the smallest bits of crumpled airplane parts, and then piece it all together to figure out what went wrong. This leads to improved airplane design and piloting protocol.

There are experts who study the climate, gathering evidence including ice core samples, understanding data that you or I would be baffled by. But these people are experts in their field. They have studied the climate and how it’s changing and the evidence they have gathered over many years and decades points overwhelmingly to human activity as the cause. I’m not expert on climate science. We can’t all be experts on everything. I give deference to the experts and trust that most people are honest. There’s no compelling reason to cook the books on climate science.

Therefore, if you trust the forensic experts, you should trust the climate experts. Stop thinking your opinion is more informed than people who actually have experience. Stop thinking your opinion is more important than the hard work these people do each day. Because it’s a slap in the face to climate scientists that there are people who believe opinion trumps the scientific method.

Climate Change

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