Shooting At New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade

In case you missed it, and it’s possible you did since the media is treating this as just another day in America, well, because it is:

USA Today — Shots fired during an informal Mother’s Day afternoon parade in New Orleans injured 19 people, two of them children, police said Sunday.

The wounded included 10 men and seven women as well as a boy and a girl, both 10.

Remi Braden, director of public affairs for the New Orleans Police Department, said there were no fatalities and “most of the wounds are not life-threatening.”

The shots were fired at 1:47 p.m. in the area of North Villere and Frenchmen streets during what is locally referred to as “a second-line parade,” Braden said.

Both children were reported in good condition with graze wounds to the body, police said, and two of the adults were in surgery. Police said many of the victims suffered graze wounds, in some cases by ricocheted bullets.

I first heard about this last night when it got a total of 5 or 10 seconds on my local news. I’m not kidding, the local broadcaster said it was “just a random shooting, not terrorism.” Oh, ok, that makes me feel better. For a moment there I thought we were under attack by crazy foreign-looking people. But it’s “just” a shooting, and well, that’s normal in America. Go about your business people. Nothing to see here.

A friend on Facebook asks:

WTF?!? 19 people shot at a Mother’s Day parade gets a passing 15 second mention on the news this morning, sandwiched in 3 or 4 stories deep. Is the media not giving this a lot of coverage because (a) there weren’t a lot of white and/or rich people injured, (b) it wasn’t a bomb and thus couldn’t have been Muslim terrorists, (c) if they reported every time someone was shot in this country they wouldn’t have any time for any other news, (d) we’re so used to this kind of thing now that anything less than 20 injuries and 3 or 4 deaths isn’t impressive enough, or (e) all of the above?

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