Delaware Becomes 11th State To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Today Delaware became the 11th state to recognize same-sex marriage (effective July 1, 2013), only a year after legalizing civil unions between same-sex couples.

Out of the 11 states, 6 of them are in the Northeast. That’s the entire Northeast, with Rhode Island joining the party last week (effective August 1, 2013). Delaware joins fellow Mid-Atlantic states, Maryland and New York, along with Washington D.C.

A notable gap in the Mid-Atlantic same-sex marriage lineup are Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While New Jersey can boast broad domestic partnership protections — Pennsylvania, not so much.

At least Pennsylvania is not one of the over two dozen states with anti-gay constitutional amendments. But since those amendments are largely the responsibility of bigoted conservatives, don’t count the Commonwealth out. The Pennsylvania state legislature is overrun by Republicans, some of which could be considered a-holes. — That’s a technical political term.

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