Retweet Mash-up for August 31, 2011

Not exactly daily mash-up of  interesting, informative or amusing morsels on the twitterverse.

ThinkProgress – Energy Secretary Steven Chu: ‘It Saddens Me’ That Political Leaders Don’t Understand Climate Science

After giving a speech at The National Clean Energy Summit, Energy Secretary Steven Chu responds with “it saddens me” on the lack of understanding about climate science and climate change deniers. Regarding climate change science, Chu says “it’s not rocket science”.

CitizenVoxNew IPS Report: CEO Pay exceeds corporate taxes

Yes you read that correctly. It turns out that 25 of the 100 highest paid CEOs in this country made more money than their companies paid in federal income taxes in 2010. The Republicans respond with, “they are the job creators.”

The Raw StoryConnecticut governor calls Ron Paul an ‘idiot’

Wednesday on CNN, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy strayed slightly from the talking points when he called presidential hopeful Ron Paul ‘an idiot’. Paul probably isn’t an idiot but I forgive Malloy’s moment of honesty when taking into consideration Paul’s stance on FEMA.


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